Retailer Engagement System

Retailers want to keep their shops well displayed. They need guidance and incentive to do so for your brand!
Simple & intuitive. Join the system early to avail great offers.

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Enlist Retailers

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Our Team will enlist retailers based on your preference. You can chose from current list or have your customized retailers. We are happy to train your team to do the enlistment.

Scheduling when you want

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Schedule daily, bi weekly, weekly tasks for retailers. Complete flexibility to schedule multiple tasks in a day or however you want it.


Retailer performance

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Every enlisted retailer will get notification to perform merchandising and send picture of success.

Backend Evaluation

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Backend in real time will evaluate the task against planogram and send feedback to retailer. Successful tasks will translate into points. Unsuccessful tasks will be generate a message for retailer to retry the task.

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Launch your App

A simple app is used by retailers to get their Daily Tasks. The task includes a reference picture and description in Urdu. Retailer displays the products as per the instructions and sends a picture. The picture is evaluated in real time and points are awarded that can be redeemed against gifts.

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    Retailers are the ultimate partners in sales ecosystem.Most retailers would merchandise their shop for higher sales. Conventional merchandising is costly, cannot be scaled and has restricted frequency. Retailer incentive payout are intermittent & compliance is often sample based. With the help of technology, lets bring retailers as partners in the sales ecosystem. Lets train & equip them to merchandise your brand & sell more Lets Uberize Retail!!

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    Smart task schedular

    Retailer will perform tasks such as merchandising, maintaining retail marketing assets, stock ordering and EARN! With the help of task-based module, we can enable retailers to maintain merchandising standards at a much higher frequency throughout the month Smart task schedular will allocate tasks to your retailers at any frequency Compliant tasks are monetized and instant redemption is ensured through mobile wallets

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    Modular Dashboard

    A modular dashboard ensures that visually you are always UpToDate with what is happening. Individual retailer level ledger is maintained together with complete engagement history.


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Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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